The application

The application for the title of “The Righteous Among the Ukrainians” has to be supported by the proofs in the form of a survivor’s testimony or other documents which clearly shows that the rescuer put her/his life, freedom or safety at risk in order to help Polish people. She or he has to prove that there was no financial or other compensation involved. The criteria also apply when it comes to rescuers who are no longer alive.

To nominate a person for this title or to inform us about a similar occurrence of rescuing Poles by Ukrainian people, please send the following documents to the Propublicobono-rp foundation’s e-mail address:

The testimonies of the survivor and other witnesses of the rescue attempt has to be signed and notarized. The testimonies should include all known personal data on rescuers and survivors, a detailed account of the rescue attempt (how the contact with the rescuer was made; the form of rescue; places and dates of rescue; what arrangement or agreements were made between rescuers and survivors; how did the danger to the rescuers manifest itself; any other details that may shed light on the nature of rescue).

Any other documents that can authenticate the rescue attempt as well as what happened to the survivor: the official documents from the period of the Second World War, letters, diaries, the photos of rescuers and survivors, the post-war correspondence between the survivors and rescuers

and their families, post-war memories or testimonies of survivors, the testimonies of other people who has known about the rescue attempt (neighbors, other survivors etc.), any other documents that may shed the light on the rescue attempt as well as the relations among rescuers and survivors.


It consists of guidelines which help to write the declaration in accordance with the committee’s criteria.

    1. The detailed information concerning the rescuer(s) and the survivor(s).
      • Name (Latin, capital letters).
      • Age.
      • Current address (Latin, capital letters).
      • Current profession/occupation.
      • Residence during the war (Latin, capital letters).
      • The description of her/his life during the war (occupation, profession, financial situation, ghettos, camps, guerilla army).
    2. The detailed information about the rescue attempt.
      • How the contact between the rescuer and the survivor was established.
      • The description of the rescuers activities, why she/her attempted to help (e.g., emotional, financial reasons).
      • Danger the rescuer was exposed to.
      • The behavior of the other family members and their involvement in the rescue attempt (names).
      • Other emergencies and specific characteristics of the rescue attempt.
      • The information stating whether the help was paid for.
      • Dates and places of occurrences.
      • The confirmation of other witnesses (if there are any please give the names and addresses).

Attention! Please include photos, documents and correspondence with the rescuers (post-war).

    1. The declaration should be written in the form of a storytelling.
    2. The witnesses living abroad have to notarized their testimonies in the Notary’s Office or other authorized place.

Please send the documents to the address given below. If you wish to have your testimony published, include the note in the letter.