Members of the commission

A committee – a group of 11 people who adopt decisions about awarding medals, titles and prizes by consensus.

The presidium of the committee comprises the chairman, two vice-chairman’s and the members of the committee.
The chairman shall be the person authorized by the foundation’s management or the founder.
The chairman of the committee is also mandated to represent the committee outside and sign any documents related to the functioning of the committee.
The chairman of the committee may delegate his powers of representation to another person providing she/he submits a written request. This person shall be appointed by the committee and on application of the chairman. Moreover, the committee as well as its other members have to be informed about the matter.

The vice-chairman’s of the committee are appointed by the chairman or elected.
The members of the committee are appointed by:

  • socio-political organizations
  • government, business and educational institutions
  • non-governmental organizations.

The committee comprises also volunteers.

They receive cases for evaluation and present their recommendations to the committee. Afterwards, the issue is discussed extensively by the committee. Any decisions made by the committee cannot be validated without the chairman’s approval.